Expedition Day 19 – Aborted attempt #3

Took off this morning at 0900 for Mestersvig. Wind has dropped completely but we now have fog settling in. The plan was to fly low along the valleys or up along the coast, whichever allowed us a clear passage. We got about half way along Klitdal, the large valley in between Scoresby Fjord and Carlsbjerg Fjord, before hitting a wall of fog. The helicopter dropped down vertically to less than 30 m – couldn’t see a thing. A slow 180° turn showed that we were surrounded.

Doubling back the cloud lifted to about 300 m allowing us a brief view across the mountains towards Mestervig.

White cloud and fog as far as the eye can see.

Turned back for Constable Point.

Called Lasse at Kap Stosch; they have fog rolling in from the sea too.

The pilot and I trudged back to the airport from the helipad through the mud. The airport manager came in after we grabbed a coffee – “What else can you do? This is Greenland!”

He’s right. Next time we will arrange our fieldwork in the Bahamas.

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