Expedition Day 25-26 – Packing up and shipping out

Fog had settled in over the fjord but we were still bright and clear at high altitude. All the specimens were carefully packed and Grzegorz retrieved the now cured silicon mould ready for transport.

We had a great “last supper” in the sun. The snow had also melted a little so we collected the last of our tools that has been thrown around during the storm.

Also had a lemming visit us as a small dinner guest.

All we needed now was a clear sky in the morning and we would be good to go.

Sadly, the first view of our departure date was thick fog. Lasse called the pilot – “waiting on weather report from Mestervig. He will update us in one hour”.

Oh no…..

We waited nervously leaving our sleeping tents up and fully expecting to be stranded for the next few days.

Lasse called again.

He turned around with a big smile – “helicopter will be here in 20 mins”.

Cheers all round and a brief snowball fight as the tents are packed away before we heard the sound of the chopper.

The pilot was outstanding. He had been zigzagging all the way from Mestervig to try and get to us and finally made it.

The equipment was lifted out in a sling and we flew in to Mestersvig without a hitch.

Just in time too.

After we got to Constable Point the winds picked up for another overnight storm.

Thank god we made off Celsius in time!

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