Expedition Day 15-16 – High winds and more rain!

The weather is against us. I am back at the “Hilton” in Constable Point with a few other scientists, who are likewise stuck because of the storm. Apparently there is a big low-pressure centre hovering over Iceland that is hitting the East Greenland coast with 60+ knot winds and heavy rain. This is far too dangerous for the helicopter to fly so a flurry of phone calls between Kap Stosch, the helicopter pilot in Constable Point, the POLOG main office in Copenhagen, and myself are trying to fix alternatives.

The story is that we are unlikely to fly tomorrow because the scheduled flights must take priority (if the weather improves that is). So it looks like it will be one day later, but the winds are supposed to last for anything up to five days.

Just depends on when it is safe to fly.

At least I have the chance to update all of my field notes – and keep track of the blog!

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