Expedition Day 2 – Arrival at Kap Stosch

We flew in two shifts this afternoon from the Danish military airstrip at Mestersvig.

We got to Mestervig first by Twin Otter aircraft from Constable Point and then packed our gear onto the waiting helicopter.

Ben and Lasse took the first flight up with the tents and half the food plus two guns to find the best site for our camp. They flew along Loch Fyne and around the coast of Kap Stosch to our selected field site on the Blue River valley, which is across Godthåb Gulf from Eskimonaes – the Danish base destroyed by German soldiers during WWII.


Saw lots of Musk Ox on the way in.

The final campsite was perfect, 420 m up on a small plateau surrounded by mountains of Triassic rocks – these are known as the Wordie Creek Formation, which is world famous for its representation of the earliest times from the “Age of Dinosaurs”.


As planned we are far enough from the coast to reduce the risk of polar bear visits and have good water coming straight off the nearby glacier.

Henning and Grzegorz came on the second flight with the rest of our food. Unfortunately they had too wait at a small fuel dump on the coast and were badly chewed by mosquitoes.

Aside from that the camp is now set up and we are ready to work. Only problem is the forecast for heavy rain tomorrow. We will see what happens in the morning!

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